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Let’s meet the real me

Cinema is something I love and I want to spend the rest of my life with this ; getting closer; making it more intimate.
As an entertainment professional based in Kolkata and Mumbai, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to collaborate with others through my work. I’ve worked in many different areas and on amazing projects since starting out in 2012, and I’m always looking for exciting new opportunities that force me to think outside the box and use my creativity in new ways.


About Me

How it all started

I studied cinematography from Satyajit Ray film and Television Institute; one of the premier film schools of the country. I am also a member of Indian Women Cinematographers Collective (IWCC) and Eastern India Cinematographers Association (EICA). I love playing with light and images and try to tell a story with my craft. 



Awards and Accolades

PESGSPC" Honorary Membership for the Outstanding Contribution to International Art Photography by Cyprus Pascal English School and Greek School Photography Club and the PESGSPC Grand Progress Award "GPA - By FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique)

PESGCPC Grand Progress Award

Was a fellow of AFA 2015. Asian Film Academy (AFA) is an educational program hosted by Busan International Film Festival, Dongseo University and Busan Film Commission to foster young Asian talents and build their networks throughout Asia. Over the past 10 years, 241 alumni from 29 countries have been standing out in filmmaking field all over the Asia and in the prestigious festivals throughout the world.
The promising fellows from all over Asia participate in various AFA programs, including short film production, workshops, and master classes. The two short films completed by the fellows are officially presented at the 20th Busan International Film Festival. While participating in the programs, the fellows rediscover themselves and share their passion towards films which goes far beyond the differences in their experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Asian Film Academy
Looking China 
Youth Film 

Participated as representing India as Part of the global Looking China 2015 Youth film Project. Travelled to China and Directed, Shot, Edited, and Produced a short documentary in a 18 day time frame. Made as a film to explore China and Chinese culture, the film received 2nd Runner up award. The project is organised by AICCC and Beijing Normal University in association with Ghizhou University. Was part of the 10 member Indian team as one of the 100 filmmakers from all over the globe.

Pierre Angénieux Excellens in Cinematography

The Pierre Angenieux ExcelLens in Cinematography ceremony at the Festival de Cannes recognised the work of young and upcoming cinematographer Modhura Palit through the prestigious Angenieux Special Encouragement Award, which was given to Cecile Zhang from China in 2018. In 2019 in a similar vein for India; Modhura Palit, the cinematographer based in Kolkata, is the recipient of the Angenieux Special Encouragement award, making her the first Indian — and first Indian woman — to be recognised in this category.




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